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Tips for Prosperity in the Workplace

By: Kamariah binti Derasol K.B,P.A

Every working day, we spend a minimum of 8 hours to carry out the trust we are responsible for. It covers a third of the day and night. For that, it is important that we take care of ourselves at work so that our well-being is preserved. Here is a sharing of well-being tips in the workplace that can be practiced by all.

1. Provide a conducive work environment
A conducive work atmosphere can invite a positive work mood. Check the condition of chairs, tables, the position of the computer and the equipment used. Make sure it is in an ergonomic position to avoid fatigue and pain in the limbs.

2. Stretch your body every half hour or at least one hour apart by getting up for a while or walking for a while. God created the human body perfectly to move. When it is not moved for a long period of time, the blood flow will be disturbed. For those who work long hours using a computer, shoulder, neck and back stretching exercises should be practiced to avoid serious health problems such as 'slip disc'.

3. Build positive relationships
We work with our boss and colleagues like a group of fish in an aquarium. Can't avoid anyone and need to communicate constantly. So, smile a lot and build good relationships. Focus on the good of individuals in the organization and avoid gossip. Remember, no human being is perfect, what is important is that we learn from the shortcomings of others and improve ourselves.

4. Work and rest according to time
There are individuals who are willing to set aside rest and lunch time to catch up on the 'dateline' of tasks that need to be completed. This sacrifice of time is good, but it will have a negative effect on personal health in the long term. The key is to focus properly during work hours and get enough rest during breaks or outside of work hours. Employers should also respect employees' rest time, by not burdening employees with tasks especially at night or on weekends.


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